Hahnville, La

Well hello there my lovelies. This post will be a little different than most, as this participant was beyond stoked to get started on the piece and finished in a day.. WAHHHHH!!!!

So here she is, the beauty arriving to the talented Breezy in good ol' H-Ville..


Once arrived it didn't take long for Breezy to dive right in..

Tony, being one of my best friends, asked me to contribute a piece of me in this amazing journey. I’ve always had a deep-rooted love for art, for all mediums that is. Whether its music, paintings, writing or something as simple as seeing the beauty of God when you walk outside your front door. I’m a person that thinks a lot, so art for me is releasing myself to creativity, in whatever form it may be. My inspiration for this particular piece came from my very opinionated nature. I grew up in South Louisiana, not far from the protesting about police brutality and where recent flooding took place. I painted, in acrylic, a fleur de lis to represent Louisiana and the colors red, white and blue to represent America. Also, I gave it an abstract look when I splattered paint to represent uncontrollability. What really hit home for me, during and after this disaster, is that the people of South Louisiana came together, despite differences, to lend a hand in helping anyone and everyone in need. In that moment I was very proud to call this home. However, my first thought was “Why can’t we as Americans do the same?” Despite religion, sex, race, age, political status and countless other factors, why can’t we as not only Americans, but humans, help one another. It’s far easier to hate someone than to love someone. However, we aren’t strong working alone, we’re stronger working together. Lend an unselfish hand, stay humble and God Bless.

Medium used: Acrylic