Well the lovely has made her way back to LA after a few months of traveling through the good ol' south..

Soon she will be on her way to the next line of artist participating, but this time its the WEST COAST! But for now I will bask in all of the beauty that has been laid down over the past few months.. I've just been sitting here and staring at the piece, looking deeply at all the individual contributions. It just makes me feel so peachy to think that this all started with one crazy magical night in Yosemite..

Who would of thought it would have led to this. Bringing all these talented and driven artists together to do something that comes so natural and brings so much joy, and to be able to relay a message through one work of art. Its incredible..

You know when I first was given the idea by a good friend of mine, it seemed like something that would be sooooo cool to do, but not something that I could ever accomplish or get to take off. But I shortly found out that that was not the case at all. And that if you just set your mind to something, do your research, put in the time and keep the passion alive.. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Seriously it may sound corny to keep saying "anything is possible" but people I swear its so true, let this small little thing be proof. 

I'M RUNNING LATE... so heading out the door but I just wanted to say thank you to all that have laid a pen, pencil, paint brush or hand to this piece thus far. You have already made this campaign more magical than I could have ever imagined! Keep the passion alive my lovelies, I simply cannot wait to see whats to come with the next line of artists. Till then, XOXO.