Heather Bouza 

Paradise, La


"Ok, so to be honest the reason I usually paint is to relieve stress, I have a hard time managing my stress and painting has always been a way to clear my mind and relieve the stress."

"So my art work is not perfect and I usually don't plan it, I simply clear my mind, play music and paint randomness and just paint whatever comes to mind at that time. That's also why I chose to use oil paint, I love the way oil paint blends, together, it always makes a beautiful combination so oil paint is usually the medium I use on my art. I also chose blue, purple, green, gray and white because they are cool, calming colors. I chose to paint this piece in that placement because the girl in the painting stuck out to me, so my idea was her thoughts being free, like mine are when I paint. Her thoughts being calm, random and free." - Heather Bouza


Medium used: Oil