Eyes of an artist, a beautiful idea first originating from a good friend of mines spur of the moment thought. But that's how the beauty happens right.. just a spur of the moment. 

We were just chatting, mind you this is the first time we are meeting. And after chatting for a while the idea was mentioned, (basically to have different artists put their own personal touch onto the piece..that only they could see or thought fit.)  I myself thought it was the dopest idea, but didn't actually think I'd have enough passion and drive in me to pull it off.

And here we are..

The original concept like mentioned before was to have different artists put their touch on the piece in helping complete it in full. In adding onto that, the artists will also have no direction.. just pure bliss in discovering what awaits through imagination. Being titled EYES OF AN ARTIST the whole idea is to have multiple artist from all over the world, yes world.. put their own style, their creations, and ideas onto canvas along side many others who grew up differently, see the world differently, view art differently but all through their own eyes. 

I am hoping to auction off and sell the completed piece in helps to donate money towards some positive change in this world.. Lately I have seen and witnessed so much hate in this world and it hurts me honestly as an individual. If many different walks of life from all over the world can create something of such delicacy, such beauty with no direction. Why cant we come together as all different walks of life and do the same, but in life... Sometimes you don't need a direction in doing so, a reasoning other than the simple fact of being whole and wanting to create something that will last forever, something that is beautiful and so precious, something to share and be of good. You just dive in with an open heart and open mind and create all that is you. The canvas we were handed is so big, and of such importance its time we all came together and created what it is we all need and want in this life, which for most is happiness. All of this hate with war, politics, acceptance among many categories and the list goes on..makes this world look and become so ugly. All of this being done with the majority knowing this world could be so much more beautiful than it already is. Anything is possible, find the beauty.

This piece was started on a magical trip through the forests of Yosemite, lets see where else its journey will lead. 

STAY TUNED for daily/weekly/and monthly updates :) 

XOXO to all my beautiful artists out there participating in this project, create with all of you and see the world through your eyes!