foggy days

Introducing the Foggy Day Series. In this series you will find depth and moving emotions in each piece. This series being one of my first, emerged when I was still very new to the abstract world and constantly experimenting with different techniques.     

It was an eerie day with an overcast of fog, and I was experimenting with different shapes and colors in the studio..when I decided to incorporate water and gravity into a piece I was working on. It took little to no time, until the first Foggy Days was born. And I knew after completing the first, that I had stumbled upon something great..something beautiful. In continuing with the series, I later decided that each one would be different in every way..and that even though I had decided to name the series Foggy Days, I made it a mission to have each and every one be of light and uplifting sentiment. Let the light in and follow it through the darkness.. don't fight the gravity.