#findthebeauty is my take on not giving up.

The idea of this movement is to inspire and motivate my audience to see past that life obstacle they are being faced with, that financial tragedy, that bad grade, that breakup... and to #findthebeauty in it all, to create a new said peace of mind by knowing there is good to come. Everything is temporary. Something I learned a few years back in basic training for the Navy, a captain teaching one of the courses we had to learn for completion said the way she made it through recruitment, training, her enlistment and now personal life is that all that is right now will pass, its all gone so soon. That if she wanted to she could have quit basic training and gone back home. in that sense it was temporary.. "I can quit whenever I want" until she graduated. She said throughout her enlistment there would be times where she just wanted out but then she remembered that she was only in for a counted enlistment, that in however many years she would be a veteran and back to civilian life if she wanted it. Its all in the state of mind and how you choose to perceive things that come into your path. This too shall pass.

We are all on this crazy beautiful journey called life, unfortunately things are going to happen that you'd prefer not to from time to time. But life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react to it. 

Incorporating a series of mine titled Foggy Days, with a silent message I've learned to live by..I have created the #findthebeauty in the fog "street art" movement. Hop on board and learn to see things from the brighter side of life.