angels in my mind

Introducing the Angels In My Mind Series. Here you will find joy and happiness in every piece, as this series was constructed upon great darkness and grief in order to subsequently emit brightness and uplifting emotions.

When this series first came to me it seemed to be going in a much different direction than it has come to be today. But like much of my experience and experimenting with art, I let all in and allow the art to take me where need be. Much of this series' color palette was inspired by the contrast of various colors of paint that would end up on my skin when I was deep into working on a new piece. I allowed the rest of my inspiration to come as each piece was completed, and slowly but surely everything materialized. In each of these paintings you will find that the neutral almost skin toned color is used.. and that is to represent what is my mind and body, almost as if the colors or ANGELS are bleeding through. The colors in this series are bright and lost with direction like my soul..